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Fengqiyun | ChinaNetCenter CDN (China)

Fengqiyun | ChinaNetCenter CDN (China) is designed for those who wish to distribute content in China more efficiently.

Navigating the telecommunication and regulatory landscape of China for an in-country hosting solution could be daunting, so we partner with ChinaNetCenter to provide the best solution for your needs and budgets.

Our network has nearly 500 nodes strategically located at major cities across China.

Our Advantages

1. Broadest Coverage in China

Our local partner is a leading CDN & IDC provider in China. Our network has nearly 500 CDN nodes in China and 30 overseas across Asia, North America, South America, Europe and Africa. Currently, we are running more than 30,000 servers with over 5Tbps bandwidth available.

2. Extensive List of Clients

Our CDN platform is currently serving more than 1,000 companies and organizations in China. Our clients come from a variety of industries, including portal site giants such as Sina, Baidu, Sohu and Tencent; financial service providers such as China UnionPay and China Merchants Bank; e-commerce businesses such as Taobao and Suning; corporate such as Huawei, ZTE, and Lenovo; and government departments such as the Ministry of Railways.

3. Technological Breakthroughs

Fengqiyun | ChinaNetCenter CDN (China) excels in such areas as resource utilization, service efficiency and safety performance. It uses in-house technology to achieve dynamic application acceleration (DAA) and also shows a number of technological breakthroughs in protocol optimization and content management. The platform has a high level of stability and scalability, and can be managed easily with standardization.



Provides a fully functional API

Ease of use

Provides SDKs for a variety of programming languages such as Python, PHP and JAVA

Instant deployment

Complete API calls within 3-5 minutes


Supports https requests and performs security checks for each API call


Rely on the professional CDN services of ChinaNetCenter


Share the massive bandwidth resources of ChinaNetCenter


Rely on 24×7 onsite support from Fengqiyun

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